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Freestyle Dancing

Gotta Go Feed The Horses  (Mini horses taught to dance using clicker training)

Just think how much fun it would be to train some of these things to your goat. Well, I’m training them to mine.

This is my mentor Peggy Hogan. She comes to Oregon once a year to do a clinic and also teaches on-line classes.

This is where you can find her Youtube channel  —



What is Clicker Training?

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What is Clicker Training?

  • Clicker training uses a Yes Answer signal to tell your animal when she has done something right.
  • It pairs that Yes Answer with a reward, so she is encouraged to repeat that good behavior again.
  • Clicker training is a Positive Training method that creates happy, enthusiastic, what-can-I-do-for-you-animals.


Who can you train?

Clicker training was first used by Dolphin trainers and now almost any animal you can think of has been trained with a clicker.

* Dolphins * Horses * Llamas * GOATS * Dogs * Cats * Bunnies * Birds, ect.

Seeing Eye Pony – Named Panda

Goldfish at


About Clicker training

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Youtube Videos

Freestyle Dancng

Gotta Go Feed The Horses

Canine Freestyle competition Great Dane, Honey

Clicker Trained Horses

Clicker Trained Gold Fish

Clicker Trained Cats

Clicker Trained Llamas